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Dig Your Own Wooden Water Well

Dig Your Own Wooden Water Well

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The perfect addition to sand-pit play or water play!

This wooden well is a wonderful educational toy for young children!  Uniquely designed to allow children to problem solve and draw real water!

Simply fill the bottom with water, bury the bottom half in the sand or place some pebbles around the base for a more authentic look, then wind down the rope and draw up water with the mini wooden bucket.

For educational purposes and problem solving challenges, the wooden bottom can be removed to allow for more investigations such as digging a hole in the sand at the beach or in a sand-pit.

Can you strike water? Can you engineer and problem solve how to dig the hole by placing the wooden well above ground without re-filling the hole? Is your bucket not gaining enough water? Could you try putting a small pebble in the bucket to combat buoyancy? Is your hole the correct length to match the rope length?

The learning opportunities for problem solving are truly endless.

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