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Honeysticks Jumbos 16 Packs

Honeysticks Jumbos 16 Packs

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Honeysticks Jumbo’s are the perfect crayons for hours of creative colouring and art projects. Safer, bigger and more durable than most traditional and comparable products, these natural crayons last the distance and are designed to help kids refine their pencil grip.

Each pack of Jumbo’s contains 16 vibrant crayons to bring creative masterpieces to life. You’ll feel and smell the Honeysticks difference – no waxy residue or chemical smell, just the beautiful natural scent of pure beeswax!

  • Made in New Zealand with 100% beeswax and non-toxic food-grade pigments
  • Easy to hold, durable and won’t break easily
  • Perfect for kids’ finer colouring and drawing projects
  • Sustainable product with recyclable packaging
  • 16 vibrant colours: dark green, light green, yellow, ochre, orange, brown, black, pink, red, crimson, purple, dark blue, light blue, ultramarine, grey

With quality, ingredient safety and sustainability top of mind, Honeysticks products are lovingly handmade in New Zealand using natural, non-toxic and food-grade ingredients that are safe for kids and gentle on the planet.

Crayon Dimensions: 10cm L x 1.2cm W



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