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Round Nature Weaving Frame

Round Nature Weaving Frame

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Our Round Nature Weaving Frame brings children together to design their own artistic creations while learning patterning skills displaying a variety of colours and experiencing tactile textures. Children can experiment with a variety of materials including natural yarn, seasonal flowers, grasses, feathers or other found treasures to make natural collages. Weaving is a traditional activity that has been enjoyed by many cultures across thousands of years. Children can weave individually or together in a group setting strengthening social bonds. Perfect for developing eye-hand co-ordination and relaxing children’s minds.


Round Nature Weaving Frame – Single pack (1 frame)

  • Hand Made from natural Seagrass
  • This large round weaving frame has a diameter of 60cm and is 1cm high.
  • Super light weight of 35g for little ones to pick up
  • Suitable for outdoors or indoors (though must be stored inside in dry place)
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